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Professional Tile Flooring Installation

In Newton, NC

Let our team of industry professionals install your tile flooring.

Tile installation | Midway Carpet Distributors

Preparing for Tile Installation

Tile flooring can be done as a DIY project, but our flooring experts highly recommend professional assistance. 

We'll always send professionals to measure the rooms and talk you through the process prior to installation.

Before we install your tile, we'll talk you through the entire process again, so that you know what to expect.

We ask that you remove any furniture on the tile prior to our arrival to ensure a speedy installation.


During & After Tile Installation

We ask that an adult member of your household will need to be present when our tile installer arrives. This person will need to be able to show the installer to the job site.

For everyone’s safety and to make the installation easier, keep children and pets away from the work area until the job has been completed.

The first step of the installation is removing the existing flooring. Depending on the state of your old floor, the amount of time this takes will vary. 

The next stage is the installation of the tile or stone. Our installers will cut the tiles and spread mortar and grout as they lay each tile.

New tile installations require time to set in. We ask that you do not set foot on your tile flooring for at least 48 hours after the installation. 

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